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The list of features Ace Stream News

Author that published original material on the platform can be rewarded, it depends on how many unique visitors it has attracted.

The amount of compensation depends on the country, theme and unique visitors per month.

Authors on the platform can complement the materials of their colleagues with texts and other materials (maps, photos, videos). Journalists with great ratings can take materials from drafts and write their own publications based on user’s materials.

With a rating of publications and authors, we rank the materials and give readers the opportunity to receive only proven, high-quality, fresh news.

Rating of material is calculated on the number of views and likes, also it adjusted by user rating.

Reporter rating depends on number of subscribers, experience and materials.

Users can choose sources, authors, topics, tags they wish to see in their feeds. Each feed has its own, eventually it is completely customizable by you, and you do not see anything annoying, but be sure to get all the fun for you.

All news happened somewhere in specific place, so they can be placed on the map and allow to see the events that surround it at the moment. Authors can specify the exact address of published events.

Fundraising for investigative journalism and publications. Author may create a fund-raising campaign at Ace Stream News. Marketplace of authors and experts helps businesses to promote their products or services. The company can create requests for native advertising by placing it on our platform.

One of the interesting features on the platform will be able to add a video comment to any post. This will make communication fun and qiuck.

Also media outlets can publish their news and get compensation.

The best way to collect materials from users and eyewitnesses via mymobstr application.