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Ace Stream News connects writers with the audience and get rewarded.

What is Ace Stream News?

Ace Stream News independent news platform built on the principles of social journalism and powered by the voices of hundreds of authors on a daily basis. Published in the CIS, Europe and the United States.

Ace Stream News and our writers has an ambitious goal: to jolt the world of information on the Internet, give everyone the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts with a global audience on a professional platform and thus become a source of truly independent media.

Our mission is to create an independent platform. Where everyone can publish news and be rewarded according to the principle of meritocracy. Give audience access to truthful, objective and comprehensive information via customized news platform.


Where every voice matters!

Ace Stream News is a free and open platform. Where everyone can express themselves and share the news with the audience. Writing articles are simple and fast using our world-class editor.

To make your news more entertaining and interesting, you can include text, a photo gallery and a live broadcast.

To ensure your publication is the popular, you can share them using social services. This will significantly increase earnings.

Become a journalist

Crowdsourcing journalism

We offer journalists, reporters, videographers, news presenters collaborate to create stories, investigations, articles, TV shows.

On the platform you can order materials from your colleagues. It’s simple: create a task, select the type of material that you need and write a describe description.

Material orders

Order materials that will make your article bright and vivid. If you write a text - request a video!

To tell a reader that your product is the best, just request materials for your native advertising. Find a professional who will present your product and publish article on Ace Stream News.

Execute requests and get a reward

Want to earn writing texts, shooting photo or video? Did you captured resonance footage? Sell it!

Receive tasks, shoot them and submit. Help authors to make their stories interesting and truthful.

Join our team of journalists and publish your stories.