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Charges in fatal Radiohead stage collapse stayed over lengthy trial delays
A judge in Toronto has stayed the charges stemming from a fatal Radiohead concert stage collapse in 2012 due to delays.
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Loonie tops 81 cents US briefly again ahead of interest rate decision
The Canadian dollar shot up Tuesday to briefly top 81 cents US again, a day before the Bank of Canada unveils its latest decision on a key interest rate.
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2 century-old shipwrecks found in Lake Huron
Two shipwrecks more than a century old have been found in the deep waters of Lake Huron, maritime archaeologists say.
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Why Canada could benefit from a national school food program
Canada is not doing well compared with other high-income countries at providing nutritious food to children, but a national school food program would help, advocates say.
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Former leadership hopeful taking Tories to court over alleged leak of party list
Failed Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost is taking the party to court over allegations his campaign leaked the party's membership list.
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CBC journalist and union leader Arnold Amber dead at 77
Longtime CBC journalist and union leader Arnold Amber died on Labour Day at age 77.
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Residents plead for help as provincial disaster relief team surveys Windsor flood damage
Assessment teams in Ontario will estimate the cost of repairing the damage to about 5,000 homes in Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh and Lakeshore that were flooded after record rains on Aug. 29.
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Why even a record-breaking hurricane can't hit Category 6
Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin, outside the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. But here's why it's still "only" a Category 5 hurricane.
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Meghan Markle publicly confirms she and Prince Harry are 'in love'
A royal historian says the actress and prince continue to break from tradition by publicly talking about their relationship before any announcement of an engagement.
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Heads up! Chance to see northern lights on Wednesday night
If the skies are clear on Wednesday night, look up — you may get a chance to see the northern lights.
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Man dead after running into flames at Burning Man festival
Burning Man organizers say a man attending the counter-culture festival in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada broke through safety perimeters late Saturday and ran into the blaze.
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Obama farewell letter to Trump asks him to preserve 'instruments of our democracy'
Before he left office in January, U.S. President Barack Obama offered his successor Donald Trump accolades and advice in a private letter that underscored some of his concerns as he passed the baton.
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Saskatoon sculptor helps craft world's tallest sandcastle in Germany
Patricia Leguen was the only Canadian on a 15-member team of artists who fashioned a sandcastle in Duisburg, Germany, last month recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest.
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'Time is crucial': MMIWG asks for 2-year extension
The commissioners in charge of the problem-plagued national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are asking the federal government for a two-year extension to carry out their work.
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'We are not well prepared': An expert's view of climate change and the next big storm
It was an interesting week for the federal government to announce that an expert panel is being struck to consider what Canadians and their governments should do to cope with the projected impacts of climate change.
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WW II bomb defused after mass evacuation in Frankfurt
German explosives experts defused a massive Second World War bomb in the financial capital of Frankfurt on Sunday after tens of thousands of people left their homes.
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'I lost everything': Thousands of Texans return to homes flooded by Harvey
As floodwaters recede from catastrophic storm Harvey, thousands are returning to their homes on Sunday to survey damage from unprecedented flooding that devastated densely populated areas of Texas, as worries mount about health risks.
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Oil-producing provinces see highest spike in insolvency, government stats say
Canada's oil-producing provinces are seeing the biggest spike in insolvency in the country, according to new statistics from the Government of Canada.
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Tens of thousands of Rohingya pour into Bangladesh amid wave of killings and arson
Relief camps were reaching full capacity as thousands of Rohingya refugees continued to pour into Bangladesh on Sunday fleeing violence in western Myanmar.
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'Stepping into a fantasy': Fan Expo-goers on why they love cosplaying
Comic-book pages have come to life for the 23rd annual Fan Expo event, and that means everything from elaborate costumes, including swords and lightsabers, as well as terrifying makeup have taken over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
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'Had to listen': Key questions about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer
The disclosure about last year's meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump's eldest son and a Kremlin-linked lawyer offering up dirt on Hillary Clinton is deepening the shadow cast over the White House for alleged collusion — even as the administration downplays the "meaningless" encounter.
10 июля 23:01   157 просмотров
Trump's son met with Russian lawyer after promise of damaging information on Clinton: Report
U.S. President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., agreed to meet with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the 2016 election campaign after being promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reported on Sunday, citing three advisers to the White House.
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Trump's family, campaign chair met with Kremlin-linked lawyer shortly after nomination
Donald Trump's eldest son, son-in-law and then-campaign chairman met with a Russian lawyer shortly after Trump won the Republican nomination, in what appears to be the earliest known private meeting between key aides to the president and a Russian.
9 июля 00:32   77 просмотров
Peter Julian to quit NDP leadership race: sources
Peter Julian, the former NDP House leader, will announce he is quitting the NDP leadership race this afternoon, multiple sources have confirmed to Radio-Canada.
6 июля 14:45   62 просмотров
Trudeau to meet Irish PM and the Queen ahead of G20 summit
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau departs this morning for Europe, where he has scheduled friendly courtesy calls with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and the Queen ahead of what is expected to be a raucous G20 summit in Germany.
3 июля 09:00   62 просмотров
'A seat at the table': GM CEO Mary Barra on engaging with Trump
At a time when some business leaders have pulled away from working with U.S. President Donald Trump, the head of General Motors sees a need for engagement with the White House.
26 июня 21:12   59 просмотров
China sees free trade with Canada as way to avoid future Norsat-like uncertainty
China is hoping a future free-trade deal with Canada will help it avoid future controversies such as the national security concerns that surfaced over a Chinese takeover of a Canadian satellite technology company.
5 июля 13:28   57 просмотров
Italy farmers 'demonizing' Canadian wheat in bid to protect domestic industry
Canadian wheat was a particular area of contention when farmers from across Italy gathered outside the country's parliament to protest CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal.
6 июля 13:47   54 просмотров
Tourist boat with 150 aboard sinks near Colombian city of Medellin
A rescue operation is underway in Colombia after a tourist boat with about 150 people on board sank in a reservoir near Medellin.
25 июня 21:56   53 просмотров
Alberta's green changes look made to last, no matter who wins the next election
Albertans have started to pay a carbon tax on gasoline and home heating and they've been eligible for subsidies on LED light bulbs, insulation, windows and solar panels. The coal phase-out has been negotiated, and an auction is underway to bring more renewable power to the province.
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Why will Omar Khadr receive $10.5M? Because his rights were violated: Aaron Wherry
Whether he deserves to be described as a "terrorist" or "child soldier," Omar Khadr is a Canadian with rights — a fact that will cost the Canadian government.
5 июля 00:25   47 просмотров
Jimmy Carter released from Winnipeg hospital after being treated for dehydration
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter is released from a Winnipeg hospital and returns to a Habitat for Humanity build in the Manitoba city.
14 июля 13:07   46 просмотров
Tallying U.S. President Donald Trump's legal wins and losses
U.S. President Donald Trump's latest legal setback involving the Environmental Protection Agency has drawn attention to his highly active record in the courts. Here is a look at the outcomes of some other legal fights Trump has faced.
4 июля 18:46   45 просмотров
'I felt I wanted out,' Prince Harry says of Royal Family
In an interview published in the Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry said the time he spent in the army was "the best escape I've ever had" and that he thought about giving up his title.
25 июня 20:25   45 просмотров
LCBO strike negotiations to stay corked under 'media blackout'
Negotiations between the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the union representing its workers will remain a secret ahead of a possible strike that could begin as early as Monday.
24 июня 19:20   43 просмотров
Amid wave of resignations, missing and murdered inquiry commissioner tries to quell concerns
The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is working to reassure stakeholders that there is no reason to worry about the recent wave of high-level resignations.
4 июля 18:33   42 просмотров
B.C. Supreme Court to test legality of Canada's solitary confinement rules
A trial beginning in B.C. Supreme Court today could determine the future of solitary confinement rules in Canadian prisons.
4 июля 09:00   42 просмотров
Low fees have B.C. doctors thinking twice about providing assisted dying
Medically assisted dying has been legal in Canada for over a year, but some B.C. doctors are questioning whether they can afford to continue to provide the service.
4 июля 19:05   40 просмотров
Travel ban ruling in U.S. court opens path for more refugees, but appeal awaits
A court decision on President Donald Trump's travel ban has reopened a window for tens of thousands of refugees to enter the United States, and the government is looking to quickly close it.
15 июля 02:16   39 просмотров
NDP MP apologizes for plagiarizing parts of an op-ed column
NDP MP Romeo Saganash has apologized for plagiarizing parts of a recent op-ed column he wrote about why he, and many other Indigenous peoples, would not be celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary.
4 июля 17:27   35 просмотров
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